This page contains documentation internal to the Magdalena Ridge Observatory that is made public. Most of the documentation involve technical reports on the design, testing and build of the instruments at MRO. All documents are in PDF format.

The Optical Beam Diameter Within the Beam Combining Area of the MRO Interferometer INT-402-ENG-0002 David Buscher
A System Design for the MRO Interferometer INT-402-MIS-0000
MRO Interferometer Memo Calibration Requirements INT-402-MIS-0003 David Buscher
IFWG Memo: Telescope Primary Mirror Size INT-402-MIS-0005 John Young and David Buscher
IFWG Memo: Approach for Costing MROI Controls INT-402-MIS-0017 John Young, Roger Boysen and David Buscher
IFWG Memo: Enumeration of Computer-Controlled Hardware INT-402-MIS-0019 John Young, Roger Boysen and David Buscher
MRO Interferometer Memo: Polarisation -delity in Optical Interferometers INT-402-MIS-0021 David Buscher
MRO Interferometer Memo: Tip/tilt INT-402-MIS-0034 N. Thureau, G. Loos, D. Buscher, C. Haniff
The Optical Error Budget for the MRO Interferometer INT-402-TSP-0004 David Buscher
Technical Requirements for the Installation of Survey Monuments at the MROI INT-402-TSP-0100 David Buscher
Photon Numbers & Rates for Tip/Tilt Cameras INT-403-ENG-0004 David Buscher
Dwell-time Specifications for the MROI Unit Telescopes INT-403-ENG-0111 David Buscher
Technical Requirements: Unit Telescopes for the MRO Interferometer INT-403-TSP-0003
Requirements for the Unit Telescope Enclosures INT-404-TSP-0003 Eric Bakker, David Buscher, Chris Haniff, Tatiana Paz, Jim Ruff, Fernando Santoro, Rob Selina
Resolution Requirements of the Steering Mirror Mounts in the Vacuum Beam Transport Lines INT-405-TSP-0002 David Buscher
Options for a Commissioning Instrument for MROI INT-407-ENG-0003 John Young, Chris Haniff, David Buscher, Fabien Baron & Julien Coyne
MROI Pier Subsidence Notes INT-412-TSP-0001 D. Buscher, C. Haniff, J. Kern, J. Young