Employment Opportunities


Software Engineer I

Job Duties: The MRO Interferometer uses custom software to operate all the subsystems of the facility including telescopes, enclosures, detectors, sensors and custom electronics. This position will develop distributed control software for the MROI using client/ server methodologies. This position will also develop user interfaces, data analysis software, and hardware/software interfacing. For full information on this position and how to apply, follow this link.

Department Specialist, MROI and Langmuir Laboratory

Job Duties: General office/ secretarial duties; answer phones, take messages, send and respond to email, all in a timely manner. Check and distribute mail, schedule and set up workshops and meetings (in-person, Zoom, etc.). Complete travel requests and reimbursements, as well as non-employee travel which includes accommodations (airline, hotel, rental car, etc.) for employees and visitors as needed. Maintain office records, orders and distribute supplies. Create HR (ePAFs, Requisitions, etc.) and Purchasing (Requisitions, POs, etc.), Accounts Payable (DPs, etc.), monitor and reconcile purchase card/gas card expenditures, create monthly reports, and other duties as assigned. For full information on this position and how to apply, follow this link.

Postdoctoral Scholar – Instrumentation

Job Duties: The successful candidate will support the final development and deployment of two key subsytems of the MROI, (a) the ICoNN Fringe Tracker, and (b) the Automated Alignment System (AAS). They will also participate in the overall commissioning activity of the MROI supporting other subsystem integration and realizing first-fringes. Their activities will include (but are not limited to): assembling and alighning opto-mechanical hardware, testing system performance, developing and testing the software control of ICoNN and the AAS, debugging these subsystmes and participating in the formal performance validation of these and other key subsystems of the MROI. For full information on this position and how to apply, follow this link.

Electrical Engineer

Job Duties: Will be responsible for the design, development, and deployment of electrical systems and instruments for subsystems of the MROI. The primary job responsibilities include (i) selection, evaluation, and procurement of COTS digital and analog electronics, (ii) design, assembly and testing of in-hourse digital and analog electronics, (iii) interfacing of hardware to software control systems, (iv) installing, testing, troubleshooting and debugging electronics, and (v) documentation, maintenance and repair. The candidate should have good analytical skills matched with hands-on experience of the electronic control of opto-mechanical hardware and other sensors and detector systems. For full information on this position and how to apply, follow this link.

Employer Description:

The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI) seeks to be one of the most powerful optical telescopes on earth: possibly, in terms of angular resolution, the most powerful telescope.

The Magdalena Ridge Observatory (MRO) is located at an altitude of 10,600 ft in the Magdalena Mountains in Socorro County, south central New Mexico, and is a department of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT), with offices located on the NMT campus in Socorro, NM.

The Observatory consists of two major facilities, a 2.4-meter fast-tracking telescope, which has been in operation for 8 years, and an Interferometer which, with partners from the University of Cambridge, UK, has been in development for 15 years and which will consist of ten 1.4-meter optical/infrared telescopes in a Y configuration array. The MROI will be able to image targets up to 100 times fainter than any existing interferometer and will have up to 100 times more angular resolution than the Hubble Space Telescope.

Equal Employment Opportunity: NMT is committed to creating a community in which a diverse population can learn, live, and work in an atmosphere of tolerance, civility and respect for the rights and sensibilities of each individual. NMT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

NMT Benefits include: Excellent benefits (health, vision, dental), tuition fee waiver, and a generous retirement plan.

Regional Attractions: NMT is located in Socorro, in the scenic Rio Grande River Valley, a few hours south on I‐25 of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Nearby mountains and desert canyons provide for excellent hiking, climbing, and mountain biking opportunities. The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, located south of Socorro, is along the major north‐south flyway and offers some of the best birding in the USA.

Apply to: New Mexico Tech, Human Resources 801 Leroy Pl. Brown Hall Box 166, Socorro, NM 87801-4796, by fax 575-835-5337, or by email.