Jan 162014
Eileen Ryan staff photo

MRO 2.4-meter Telescope Director Dr. Eileen Ryan

Dr. Eileen Ryan presented a talk at the American Astronomical Society’s 223rd meeting on January 5-9 in Washington D.C. She spoke about the MRO’s 2.4-meter telescope and how it is being used to track and characterize Near-Earth objects. The talk may be viewed on the AAS Archive Press Conference Webcasts.

Dr. Ryan also addressed an international community (with representatives from ESA, DLR, Russian Academy of Science, IAU, NASA, Canada, etc.) on January 13 in Boston at the Minor Planet Center, Harvard Center for Astrophysics. She summarized the project’s work in the field of detection, characterization, and mitigation of potentially hazardous objects. The meeting was for the “International Asteroid Warning Network” (IAWN), which is an offshoot of one of the agreements at the 2013 United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.