May 152012

Annular solar eclipse on October 3, 2005. Image courtesy of Sancho Panza via Flickr.

Updated May 17, 2012

On Sunday, May 20, 2012 an annular eclipse of the sun will be visible from a narrow corridor that will traverse the Earth’s northern Hemisphere. The path of the Moon’s antumbral shadow will begin in eastern Asia and will cross the North Pacific Ocean where it will end in west Texas. Most of the state of New Mexico lies in the path of the eclipse providing a rare opportunity for the astronomy community, enthusiasts and non-entusiasts to witness an amazing event.

Path of the annular eclipse across the western United States

Here we list some of the best places in central New Mexico to view the eclipse from. Some include public gatherings while others are just remote areas where you can take your friends and family to experience this rare and beatiful event.

Also check out some of the listed references at the bottom page about the eclipse.

The event will occur on Sunday May 20th, starting at 6:20pm (MDT) and totaling at 7:34pm  (MDT) which will last for about 4 minutes.

Note that the event occurs close to sunset (8:06pm MDT) and when choosing a location make sure you have a clear view of the western horizon; for Socorro residents that means get out of M Mountain’s way!  Be sure to wear proper eye protection when viewing the eclipse.

Socorro/Magdalena Area

Albuquerque Area

  • University of New Mexico (UNM): UNM is hosting a free public event for the eclipse viewing at the UNM campus. They urge you to get there early!
  • Annular Eclipse Viewing at the Balloon Museum (organized event)
  • Bernalillo County Annular Solar Eclipse Event (organized event)
  • Annular Eclipse at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History (organized event)
  • Sandia Peak Tramway (no event; great for viewing)

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