May 142012

On Saturday, May 12, 2012 New Mexico Tech held its 2012 Commencement ceremonies. Kelsey Miller and Stephen Jimenez were among the 300 hundred students that were awarded their Bachelor of Science degrees. During their undergraduate careers Miller and Jimenez made great contributions to the MRO Interferomter project development in optical instrumentation and mechanical design projects.

Jimenez joined MRO in 2009 as a  Mechanical Engineering major and worked on the Delay Line subsystem, design of anchoring systems for optical tables, and design of NESSI instrument components. Completing his degree requirements in December of 2011, Jimenez received a position as a Mechanical Engineer in the Los Alamos National Laboratory and is simultaneously working on his Master’s  degree.

Miller joined MRO in August of 2011 as an Astrophysics major to work on modeling an aberrated atmosphere in ZEMAX and analyzing the output in Matlab. Her results will help inform the design of the MRO continuous alignment system (BEASST) for Interferometer project. Miller will be joining the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Ph.D. program this fall.