Home » Gallery » Events & Gatherings » 2008.05.29 mro Hosts bbq on the Ridge for Cambrdige Officials & Domenici\'s Staff
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System Architect Dr. David Buscher and Project Scientist Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman giving a tour of the MRO Interferometer Beam Combining Facility
RidgeNightBBQ_May_2008 014
Guests receive a tour of the MRO Interferometer from Dr. Van Romero
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RidgeNightBBQ_May_2008 019
RidgeNightBBQ_May_2008 030
RidgeNightBBQ_May_2008 037
RidgeNightBBQ_May_2008 040
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RidgeNightBBQ_May_2008 058
A tour of the 2.4-meter Telescope